The Elite Freelance / Consultant Package

Danny Flood
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Want to earn more money in your freelance career and save a bunch of time too?

This is for:
Freelancers, consultants, or those managing their own agency.

For the first time ever, I'm releasing the complete package of systems, processes, documents, and templates I used to successfully grow my creative advertising biz...

These earned me a 10hr workweek while traveling to 30+ countries for 3 years... a journey which landed me and my story in Entrepreneur on Fire, Knowledge for Men, Daily Travel Podcast, and a bunch of others...

And the insane part? You can download all of these documents - that I spent about two years constructing - immediately on this page.

  • 36 Files (DOC, PDF, PSD)
  • Done-for-you templates to grow your biz.
  • Step-by-step documents outlaying the specific procedures I used, from managing clients to planning campaign strategy.
  • My specific system for managing consultations and converting leads into clients 80% of the time
  • My "client care system" which turns one-time clients into profitable long-term retainers and spurs referrals.

As a freelancer, you're busy. You need to spend time doing the work that clients pay you for, the work that you love. If you're a writer, you need to write. If you're a designer, you need to design.

That's why I've put together this complete "business in the box" set (it took me a few years to compile this during my freelance career) - to save you a bunch of time and help you start landing the clients you deserve.

Here’s What You’ll Get (Full Description): 

1) Strategic Objective and Operating Principles for The Freelancer / Agency

Tom Watson said that to be great, a company needs a religion. Freelancers and agencies are no exception either.

Every good company needs an ethos, as well as a framework for guiding business decisions. Here you’ll find the foundation that lays the groundwork for all of the procedures that are to follow.

2) My 6 Step-by-Step Client Care System, Plus All Accompanying Documents / Templates, Letters, Status Reports, Referral Request Forms, Operating Procedures, and More...

Of all the systems I’ve created in my business, the one that contributed the most to my success was the 6-step client care system that I developed. If you’ve ever listened to my interviews, I’ve always considered the most vital factor in my career.

It was this system that turned my freelance career from a soul-sucking grind in to a 10-hours per week while trotting around the globe.

Getting new clients is tough. But keeping your best clients around and turning them into enthusiastic, long-term customers who spend large sums to retain you is where the true money is earned as a freelancer. This system is designed with that goal in mind.

3) My Tried-and-Tested Procedures for Handling Consultations and Closing Sales

The 4-step process for successful client consultations
  • The 7-step procedure I’ve developed for closing client deals 80% of the time

My consultation to conversion rate was VERY low in the beginning. It seemed like I was always wasting time with tire kickers and cheapskates. 

So I studied a ton of books and other resources for managing pre-sale interactions, free consultations, and especially how to close the sale.

Included is the step-by-step system I’ve developed, tested, and used successfully so that you can close more deals, earn more clients, and make more money.

4) Professional Proposal Templates (identical to the real-life ones I’ve used to earn big bucks - just customize it and you’re done!)

There’s a saying that nothing happens until a sale is made. A big part of making the big bucks when freelancing is how you present your proposal and your price.

Clients will ask you to send a proposal - and whether or not you do this one thing right can make the difference between feast and famine. Great proposals win great clients, and help you charge the rates that you want and deserve.

I worked very hard to create great proposals. I studied many great proposals from other top agencies and included all of the best elements, and eliminated anything that wasn’t necessary.

A great proposal identifies the problem statement, devises a proposed solution, presents a scope of work, and justifies the price that you seek.

On top of that, these proposal templates just look GREAT - clean, polished, and professional.

5) Marketing Strategy System

Regardless of the service you offer, you should always be thinking about how the freelance service you perform contributes to the client’s overall marketing objectives.

This includes the things you should find out from the client and questions you need to ask when you consult with them.

Your client will be impressed by your diligence and know that you have their overall best interests at heart.

6) Working procedure for quickly developing quality, high-performing WordPress websites (includes recommended plugins)

WordPress design is one of the introductory services that I’ve offered in my freelance practice for years.

Why? Because it’s always in high demand.

Year after year, WordPress is one of the top 3 skills in demand in online employment reports.

Included in this package is the 16-step system I used to design websites fast.

7) E-mail templates

A big part of deploying processes efficiently depends on using effective templates.

I like to use the “Streak” add-on for Gmail to deploy Snippets that I can customize and use, over and over again.

As a bonus, I’ve included actual e-mail scripts that I’ve used successfully, that you can take and apply to your own freelance biz. 

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The Elite Freelance / Consultant Package

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